Introduce yourself!

We’d like to build a friendly group – if you’d like to share a little bit about who you are and what you like to read, do it here!

Protect yourself online – please be aware that this is a public site, so please don’t give out any personal information (contact details etc.).


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  1. OK, I’ll start! I’m Ali and I work for the Triborough library service. I’ve always got a book on the go, but I get through them quite slowly these days as I don’t have the daily commute that I had before having children. What do I like to read? Lots of different things, they don’t really fit into a category. I enjoy non-fiction as much as fiction, and seem to read quite a lot of children’s books too (catching up on classics that I missed when I was a kid). I don’t normally read much crime at all, but am making an exception to join in with this group.

  2. Hi I’m Charmie and I also work for Triborough library service.

    I read a lot and will always have a book on me. I mainly read fiction with the odd non-fiction / biography thrown in. I love detective, crime and thrillers novels and TV shows above all other genres as well as sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk. I am just getting my teeth into Sleepyhead and am loving it.

    I am quite excited about this group because as a mum and in full time employment I find it difficult to get to regular book group meetings, this way I can join in.

  3. Hello — I am Ivana and I work at St John’s Wood Library. When I taught reading and writing to young people and adults I would tell them to find time during the day when they can read a little bit at least but to cherish that time. But then to also find a person or persons with whom they can share what they have read. As you can imagine, this was before social media but I always thought that a fun part of reading is sharing with others our thoughts about it. In fact, the best part of my present job is hosting our library’s reading group. I am totally game, however, to join the online reading group as well!

    I can’t live without reading but for a long time I did not “have time” to read fiction, so I read work related articles and academic books. I would occasionally read short stories. I like to read a couple of books at the same time. I am also rereading some books from the past. I do like crime and mystery books. I’ve just started Sleepyhead and am enjoying it very much.

  4. Hi, I’m Alice and I’m another Librarian, but not in a Triborough library.

    I am also a reading addict – I’ll go through stretches where I’m reading a novel a day if not more – and tend to be pretty wide ranging in my choices, although I no longer read a lot of crime, so I’m looking forward to digging in to Sleepyhead.

  5. Hi Alice, nice to meet you. A novel a day?!!? Impressive.

  6. Carol J Loomis (@caroljloomis)

    Hello. I’m Carol from Portland, Oregon, USA. I’ve recently finished Mark Billingham’s Rush of Blood. I eagerly await his next book.

  7. I’m Donna. My currant reading group put me on to this site as I am heading back to New Zealand at the end of this month. I like a variety of genre, but not into fantasy or sci-fi to much. I look forward to joining in with the discussions on this site.

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