What are you reading?


As the weekend approaches, and while those of you who have won free copies await their arrival – what are you reading at the moment? Anyone got started on Sleepyhead?


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  1. The Hundred-year-old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson lent me by my son-in-law, brilliant crazy story

  2. I’m sort of between books at the moment. I’m reading ‘My Grammar and I (or should that be me?)’ which is quite fun but not exactly gripping bedtime reading! I’m waiting for my 9 year old daughter to finish ‘On the banks of Plum Creek’, which is the third in the Little House on the Prairie series (I said before that I’m catching up on children’s books!) but I need something to get my teeth into. I’m thinking of picking up Mark Billingham’s ‘Scaredy Cat’ when I’m next at the library.

  3. Sleepyhead has arrived, so I am looking forward to reading it. I saw the TV series some time ago and loved it. My interests are serial killers and global diseases. Currently reading Spillover by David Quammen and rereading Six Wives by David Starkey – some could say that Henry VIII was an early serial killer! Certainly today he would be diagnosed as a Sociopath perhaps?

  4. Picked up a copy of The Descendants in a charity shop – I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. Liking it so far, though I do seem to read an awful lot of books where one of the main characters is in a coma or ‘locked in’… I can’t decide if this is because it’s a useful device for writers so used a lot, or if I’m somehow drawn to books like these.

    Anon, is David Starkey’s tone similar in his writing to in real life? If it is, I don’t think I’d last longer than a page!

  5. Ali

    “David Starkey tone similar in his writing to his tone real life?” Hmmmm….yes I suppose it is but I admire ‘ very clever men /women’ and I usualy do read non fiction because I love learning and was abysmal at school, so am making up for it now.

    The last novels I read were ‘Never let me go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro which I loved and found deeply moving and it stayed with me a long time. It’s the only Ishiguro novel I have read ; his others may be beoynd me.

    ‘The Notebook’ which was sentimental tosh (I haven’t seen the film.) but dont usually read romantic fiction. I’ve had very bitter experiences !

    And ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver – another disturbing novel about terriblle things happeneing to nice people.

    So far I find Sleepyhead intriguing with a very clever plot – but do wish authors would not feel impelled to include femail characters for the ‘love interest’. I feel a bit patronised by this sub plot device and am tempted to read the last few pages to see ‘who done it’


  6. I have just the steam punk book Girl Genius – Agatha H and the Airship City (Girl Genius 1)by Phil and Kaja Foglio. I loved it and am now looking for more in the series.

    In the meantime I am gorging myself on Mark Chadbourn and am half way through Jack of Ravens, Book 1 of the Kingdon of Serpent series. Previous Mark Chadbourn books I have read are: Sword of Albion and the Devil in Green.

  7. I found Sleepyhead a bit too creepy. I hated the idea someone could inflict a living death on a stranger. I kept getting the person I thought had done it wrong. It was compulsive reading but I can’t say I enjoyed it.

    • I found the first two thirds of Sleepyhead slow and after that it picked up. This is described as his debut novel and was written in 2001. His later books are better especially Good as Dead

  8. Just finished book 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy and have to wait until Tuesday to get the 3rd! Good example of cross over teenage/adult book – exciting, great plot, interesting love interest angle and written in easy flowing style. Great descriptions of this ‘other world’ I am loving it. Will watch the film when I’ve finished the last book.

  9. I’m listening to Blackwood by Gwenda Bond, and have some ebooks to read after 🙂 I don’t often listen to audiobooks, but I’m finding Blackwood really easy to listen to. Diary of a Submissive is next, prior to starting Blackwood I’d just finished Elijah’s Mermaid, so a different range of books 🙂

  10. I’m feeling a bit out of place – am currently indulging my new found love of the ‘Little House’ books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (ie: LH on the Prairie etc). Bought originally for my 9 year old daughter, I thought I’d take a look and am now on the fourth book ‘By the Shores of Silver Lake’. I do read grown up books too, honestly!

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