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The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly

The Book of Lost Things, by John ConnollyThis is the second Text Tribe book.

Have you read it?

Do you plan to read it?

How is it going?

What did you think?

Will you – or have you – read other books by the same author?

Talk about it here!

[Please avoid posting spoilers if possible – or label them as such]


More free books up for grabs – if we’re quick…

The Greatcoat by Helen DunmoreNot enough people were interested in The Marlowe Papers, but Reading Groups for Everyone seem to be giving away a lot of sets of books at the moment.

If we’re interested, we have to apply quickly though – please express your interest in the comments here, or on Twitter, and if there are enough people up for it in time then we’ll enter the competition!

  • The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy KoomsonThe Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore
    (deadline 26 November)
  • The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson
    (deadline 28 November)
  • Sacrilege by S J Parris
    (deadline 30 November)Sacrilege by SJ Parris

Look out for more offers by following @reading_groups on Twitter – if there are any that tickle your fancy, post about them here.

You *must* read this book!

If you had to choose one book to thrust into someone else’s hand, saying “You must read this!” – what would it be? And why?

Fancy reading this?

The Marlowe Papers by Ros BarberHello all – we’ve just seen this on the Reading Groups for everyone website: Free copies of The Marlowe Papers for reading groups. Have a look.

If enough people on here fancy reading it in January, we’ll enter the competition.

What do you think? Reply to this post or on Twitter asap.

All your questions answered

Here are the four (short) videos of the Q & A sessions with Mark Billingham, especially for those who were unable to attend, and those who sent questions in via Twitter. Hope you enjoy watching them!

In Pt I, Mark talks about doing the research for his books, the nature of crime writing and the crime series genre, and how he is ambivalent about – and fond of – Sleepyhead, his first novel.

In Pt II, there are questions and answers about the writing process, why authors need publishers (and editors), and why Mark recommends John Connolly’s ‘The Book of Lost Things’.

In Pt III Mark Billingham talks about genre snobbery, Scandinavian crime writing, setting books in London, naming his characters and how he manages to write a book a year.

Pt IV includes his views on the common features of stand-up comedy and crime writing, how we are all capable of murder, and why he thinks that writer’s block is a myth.

Many thanks to Mark for being an excellent guest.

Mark Billingham video

Here’s the first of the videos from Tuesday night. It was a really good event – and what a great speaker Mark Billingham is!

In the video he talks about how he became a crime fiction reader (being introduced to Sherlock Holmes at the age of 11 by a teacher), how he moved from being a TV writer and stand-up comedian to first reviewing (for the Ham & High newspaper) and then writing novels, and how Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly inspired the plot of Sleepyhead, his first book.

This video consists of Mark being introduced by David Ruse (Director of Libraries) and Mark’s talk. After his main talk he read a passage from Sleepyhead (not filmed) and answered lots of questions (videos currently being edited).

What are you reading at the moment? Nov/Dec 2012

PumpkinsWe thought it would be good to continue the previous chat about what we’re reading. Keep commenting on this post for the next couple of months, then we’ll make a new one in the New Year.

So – what’s everyone reading at the moment?

Anyone still on Sleepyhead (feel free to keep adding your comments), or reading a later Billingham book? Anyone trying anything new (or new to you)? Anything topical – American politics, Guy Fawkes?

The next book for Text Tribe

Mark Billingham speaks animatedly at the Text Tribe event, November 2012Mark Billingham’s visit last night was brilliant, thanks to all of you who came along – hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We tweeted through it, and you can view the tweets at Text Tribe. We’ll be posting a fuller report and videos of the event very soon.

We asked Mark to nominate the next book for the group, and he suggested The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, saying “It’s the last book that made me cry” and adding that it’s the sort of book that you press into friends’ hands, and if they don’t like it you don’t want to be friends with them any more! An excellent choice, and an interesting change – not a crime book, but written by a crime writer.

As some of the free copies of Sleepyhead were only distributed last week, that will remain the ‘current book’ for a couple more weeks, to allow as many comments as possible (though of course, people should feel free to continue to comment on it for as long as they like – there’s no time limit).

There will be copies of The Book of Lost Things in all Hammermith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster Libraries, so get hold of a copy now!

Mark Billingham event

Mark BillinghamWe look forward to seeing lots of you at the event tonight! The wine’s in, the nibbles are sorted, and we’re charging up the camera batteries.

If you can’t make it, follow online – we’ll be tweeting through the event with the hashtag #texttribe12.

We’ll also be videoing the event, so you can watch it online in the next few days.

If you have a question you want to ask Mark, let us know – comment on the Burning Questions post.

We’ve asked Mark to choose the next book for the group to read, and he’s agreed to do so – we’ll announce it tonight (it’s a good ‘un).

Burning questions

Question MarkWe’re all very excited about Mark’s visit next week, hope you are too. Places are booking up nicely but there is still room if you’d like to come – if you haven’t yet booked your place, please do (it’s free! You just need to give your name and an email address) as there will be wine and nibbles and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

We’ll be videoing the event for those who can’t make it, and tweeting through it for our Twitter followers, with the hashtag #TextTribe12.

Whether you’ll be there or not, but especially if not, please let us know what you’d like to ask Mark. Add a comment to this post and we’ll have a list ready for him on the night.

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