Which books would you like to see in your stocking?


Are you hoping for the latest thriller, a recommended non-fiction or a juicy novel?


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  1. I would like to see the latest novel ‘Flight Behavior’ by Barbara Kingsolver in there, or ‘The Five people you meet in Heaven’by Mitch Albom would be ok too. If you cannot find those, maybe ‘The death of grass’ by John Christopher would also be nice. If you’re looking for a light read, then ‘A streetcat named Bob’by James Bowen will do the trick I assume. Mind, I haven’t read any of the above, but for sure will.

  2. William Boyd Waiting for Sunrise
    Salley Vickers The Cleaner of Chartres (I wonder what she uses on the windows??)
    Even better would be Kindle versions so I can change the print size….
    I just finished Christopher Coake’s You Came Back, which was the Times Book club selection for November and have bags under my eyes after staying up late to finish it.
    thetimes.co.uk/bookclub for more about the book

  3. Have been waiting for Zadie Smith NW for ages so will have to buy it myself now. Robert Macfarlane The old ways – A Journey on Foot is walks through Britain, Spain and Tibet – I may get that from the library -£20 – sounds lovely – walks with stories and history.

  4. I’m hoping for Life of Pi – it’s a fairly old book but the lim is coming out soon and the trailer looks great so I’m going to have to get hold of the book before going to see it!

    • Oh I loved Life of Pi – I haven’t seen the film yet, not sure if I will. It’s wonderful book – and not at all ‘my sort of thing’ (I kept borrowing it from the library and then taking it back unread because I found the blurb off-putting – I’m very glad that it was chosen by my other book group, which made me read it). Hope you got it!

  5. I know it’s after Christmas, but anyway – I wasn’t hoping for anything in particular, but was given the 2012 Booker shortlisted books as a surprise! A wonderful but rather daunting surprise. Just starting the first one (The Lighthouse) now.

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