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Man Booker Shortlist 2013

We Need New Names   by   NoViolet Bulawayo 
The Luminaries   by   Eleanor Catton
Harvest   by   Jim Crace 
The Lowland   by   Jhumpa Lahiri 
A Tale for the Time Being   by   Ruth Ozeki 
The Testament of Mary   by   Colm Tóibín 
The six books on the list could not be more diverse. There are examples from novelists from New Zealand, England, Canada, Ireland and Zimbabwe – each with its own highly distinctive taste. They range in size from the 832 pages of Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries to the 104-page The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín. The times represented stretch from the biblical Middle East (Tóibín) to contemporary Zimbabwe (NoViolet Bulawayo) by way of 19th-century New Zealand (Catton), 1960s India (Jumpha Lahiri), 18th-century rural England (Crace) and modern Tokyo (Ruth Ozeki). The oldest author on the list, Jim Crace, is 67, the youngest (indeed the youngest ever shortlistee), Eleanor Catton, is 28. Colm Tóibín has written more than 15 books, The Luminaries is only Catton’s second. 
Winner announced on 15 October

Summertime Reading

summer-reading[1]What have you been reading this Summer?

What are you planning on reading?

What books have you packed into your suitcase (loaded onto your Kindle)?

Or are you choosing from our e-audio books?

Share your best and worst choices.

What book next?

What do you suggest for our next group read?

It should appeal to both sexes and all ages from 18 years +.

It’s got to be readily available and in paperback.

Ideas as comments please.

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Re-reading novels – is life too short?

Being a member of a reading group I often find that the book chosen is something I have already read.  I used to feel it was a waste of time to re-read and tried to wing it by looking at a synopis online, but faced with Wolf Hall as our next choice might be wise and useful to re-read it? Will it give me a better ubooks-ahoynderstanding?   I re-read Wuthering Heights in my 30s and was saddened to see Heathcliffe as a tiresome bully instead of the hero of my teenage years.

Perhaps ones initial emotional response to a novel should not be tested with a second read. What do you think?

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