Summertime Reading

summer-reading[1]What have you been reading this Summer?

What are you planning on reading?

What books have you packed into your suitcase (loaded onto your Kindle)?

Or are you choosing from our e-audio books?

Share your best and worst choices.


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  1. I’ve got two books on the go at the moment. The first is a collection of short stories by Tim Gautreaux called ‘Waiting for the Evening News’. It’s amazing. Touching, funny, honest, tragic. He’s a writer that’ll make you deeply jealous if you harbour any literary ambitions.

    The other is ‘Move Under Ground’ by Nick Mamatas. Here we find an older, wiser, disillusioned Jack Kerouac taking to the road again in the company of his usual cohorts but this time in an attempt to rescue or redeem the world as the Old Ones return and the sky fills with tentacles. The American Dream as a Lovecraftian nightmare… I’m really enjoying this one, too. Mamatas hits the tone of the Beats just right. I actually prefer this novel to any of Kerouac’s. His depiction of Bill Burroughs is particularly good.

  2. Just finished Pat Barker – Toby’s room. Her novels seem to be about a group of people whose lives overlap. One of them is always a student in the London Art College and WW1 always features. Or have I got this wrong? Do I just keep re-reading the same book?

    • I’ve read the Regeneration trilogy and that definitely had WW1 in it. Lots and lots of WW1 but I don’t remember any art students. I do remember that they were great books and if I still read sad books, I’d read them again. But I don’t.

  3. Too many books! I’m currently working on Dan Brown’s Inferno, which is really making me want to take a stab at Dante’s Inferno!

  4. If you want an easy summer read my recommendation is ‘This is Life’ by Dan Rhodes. Set in Paris with ridiculous but heart warming consequences, you won’t be able to help but laugh aloud.

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